November 26, 2010

Tattoo Designs by Allison Willard

brad pitt sleeve tattoo

Tattoos On Brad Pitt Arms

A brad pitt sleeve tattoo would be way cooler than the tribal arm tattoo and the back tat he has now. Angelina Jolie has harder tats than Brad and that’s a soft shot at him because I am a fan of his work. I’m just not sure what the meaning of his ink is and that’s not good when the images hit the Internet and are seen by millions on a daily basis.

Monica Left Arm Jesus Tattoo

Monica Jesus Tattoo On Arm

The singer Monica has a tattoo of Jesus on her left arm and it reminds me of the special tattoo her friend Keyshia Cole has on her right arm. Monica is a veteran rnb singer in the urban music game and she will be around for a long time because I keeps a fresh mp3 in rotation of her music.